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The Best Computer Repair DVD
For Computer Troubleshooting,
All Windows OS & Hard Drive Repair!

Computer Repair Help

Get Computer Repair Help!
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  • Easy Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  • Partition, Clone, Rescue Hard Drive.
  • Partition & Format New Hard Drive.
  • Windows XP and Vista Bootable DVD
  • Clean and Repair Registry.
  • Windows Password Recovery.

  • How To Fix Computer Problems.
  • Reset Bios Password.
  • Get Rid of Spyware and Malware.
  • How to Protect yourself from any virus.
  • Speed up any Windows Computer!
  • Get all on DVD or USB Flash Drive.

With Our Power Solutions DVD You Can Provide
Your Own Tech Support:

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All You Need
To Fix Any Of Your
Computer Problems!!

 Computer Problem

Our goal is to provide the best
collection of computer repair
and information!


With Our All-inclusive Power Solutions Repair DVD
You Can Fix Any Computer Problem!

Get Our Computer & Hard Drive Format
Instructions And Troubleshooting Guides
Virus Removal Information Too!!


Get Windows Repair Utilities And
Learn How To Fix Computer Problems and
Be Your Own Repair Technician!

You Get It All With Our
Instant Download!!!

You Can Be Fixing Your PC or
Hard Drive Problem In
Minutes Of Receiving Your Download!!!

And We Just Added New
Speed Up Software & Info for Windows Versions!!!

And A Special Section On
Computer Security &
Malware & Virus Prevention & Protection!!!


PLUS We'll Ship You The Just Updated
Power Solutions Repair DVD Or USB Flash Drive Too!

International Orders Welcome!
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Our Computer Repair Utilities Will:


Help Solve any computer boot problems!

Fix any hard drive problem!

Give you the best computer repair tools!

Help you install and repair new hardware!

SAFELY Clean Any Windows OS Registry!

Fix hard drive problems & Recover Data!

Protect yourself from Malware & Viruses!

Do Password Recovery for Windows!

Speed Up your Windows Computer!

Learn How To Fix Computer Problems!

Clean, clone, and format any hard drive!

If you've ever been frustrated by your computer I have very good news for you today. Now you can prevent problems from occurring and, when they do happen, fix them quickly and easily so you can keep on working, playing or doing whatever you want and be your own technical support!

I have over 25 years of experience in the computer business. I've been solving computer problems for over 25 years and have made my living repairing software and computers since the early 80's.  You can see my web site for computer repair and website design here, Houston Computer Repair. You can even use all the software and information to become a computer repair technician and help out friends and family too.

Now I've taken that knowledge and collected a set of tools to help you solve and prevent your computer problems. Plus we just added new sections on how you can speed up and increase performance on Windows systems, and personal computer security to stop those nasty Spyware and Malware programs from contaminating your computer!!!

I use all of these tools frequently to help me in my day to day chores. Think about this, I work for myself not some repair company. If I can't fix it, I don't get paid. So I don't fool around with my tools. These are the best I've found at any cost!!!

Many of these tools were created by me or friends and people I worked with on the Internet. They are just as good as the commercial programs of the same type that cost big gucks. To round out our offer, we added a few new utilities that we bought distribution rights for, and we have some great replacement programs for the common and expensive Windows programs too. 

When ever I go on a service call, these are the same tools I use to fix hardware, software problems, and computer repair service for clients. Plus I give you some of the best Windows XP and Vista  trouble shooting information available. AND you get a full set of boot disks for all Windows versions from Windows95 through Windows 7. With our award winning computer repair DVD you get everything you need.

Think about this, most other vendors don't want you to even email them let alone call them. They say it right on their sales page. I support all my products, especially this DVD. Get the computer repair help you need right now!

Unlike some other sellers, I like to talk to and exchange email my buyers. It helps me to improve my DVD. You can't stand still in this business, new problems continue to develop and I constantly update and improve the information and software, we just completed a major update.

You Get Special XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Utilities & Troubleshooting Information

Speed Up Your Windows Computer
With Our Software And Methods!!!

Are You Getting
Windows Error Messages
That don't Tell You Anything?

Now You Can Find Out In Plain English
Exactly What They Mean!!!

Common Blue Screen of Death (or bsod) Errors
Are You Getting One Of These Error Messages?

Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM 

Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SOFTWARE

Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternate

Do You Have A Windows Startup Problem?
Get Complete Instructions On How
To Fix
Common Boot Up Errors!

Troubleshoot, Fix, Install Any Version of Windows,
Protect Against & Remove Viruses and Malware!!!

With the Hard Drive Utilities You Can Also
Rescue Any Data or Hard Disk Too!!
Backup, Restore, or Copy Entire Contents!
Fix Any MBR problems or remove boot viruses!

When you learn how to fix computer problems you will save time, save money, (forget costly computer techs who only keep you waiting), have greater peace of mind and a faster performing computer too!

In The Past 6 Months

Over 1500
Computers Repaired!

Over 2000
Hard Drives Fixed
Or Installed 

1000's of Satisfied

But We don't Just Offer Repair Utilities!
Just Look At What You Get!

Here's just a partial list of what you will find on our Power Solutions Repair DVD. Plus many articles on step by step procedures or how to guides on just about any computer repair issue.

  • Hard Drive troubleshooting & fixes for the most common problems  

  • Clone Hard Drives - W2000/XP/WIN98 - Exact Copy!

  • Hard Disk Rescue - Rescue data & FIX non-bootable hard disks

  • Universal Boot Disk - For upgrading and troubleshooting any PC!

  • Windows troubleshooting and fixes for all versions

  • Windows 8 - No start button? No problem - We show you two solutions

  • Recommended Software replacements for many commercial software

  • Best Malware & Virus Protection, and removal methods

  • Microsoft Product Key Finder - find the key to Windows or Office!

  • Windows Errors Messages - Find out exactly what they mean!

  • HP Printer troubleshooting and installation fixes

  • Internet tips and tricks on security and data protection

You get over 80 90 tools and programs to make life easier!

Plus, I add new ones when I find a new utility or tool that
is worthy of being included on the Power Solutions Repair DVD

And Now You Can Get Our New Power
Solutions on a USB Flash Drive

(yep, you can get everything on a USB flash drive instead of a DVD!)

Get All Our Computer Repair Utilities And Information
Right On A 8 Gig USB Flash Drive!!

Now You Can Carry Your Computer Repair Software
Right In Your Pocket or even on your key ring!!

Our collection of software utilities
keeps getting better and better!

This Is The Best Collection Of Useful
Computer & Software Utilities On the Internet!

And Every Buyer Gets
Instant Access
FREE Updates For A Year!

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Here's what our customers are saying:

I wanted to thank you for the quick response on the download page. My wife was going crazy thinking she had lost everything! But I managed to be the hero and saved all her files.
- James from Florida
Even my son was impressed with several of the programs on your CD. We had just gotten our cable connection and he setup the firewall program on all three of our home computers.
- Louis from Washington DC
Just wanted you to know that you were correct on your assumption that it was adware and not a virus that was causing all the problems. The program found the file and as soon as I erased it and rebooted, all the problems went away. Life on the computer is good again. Thanks.
- Gary from Nebraska 
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I know you did not have to take the time to explain to me as much as you did and that was sure nice of you. There are still nice people out there what do you know. And thank you for not trying to sell me something that I don't need. You are one of a kind.
- Tasse from California
Our church got several computers donated by a local company and all were barely running. I got volunteered to help refurbish these computers and was completely overwhelmed. John and his software came to my rescue and all are working like new now. Without John's help I could never have done this feat!
- Sharon from Kansas 
We use our computer for our home business and when it died on the spot we totally freaked out. We live in a rural area and had no where to turn. A friend told us about John and his cd so we called. He not only sent the cd the next day he talked us through the recovery. Great software and even better service.
- Dan from Alabama

Great Software. Fast shipping. Would do business with again !!!  
Super fast delivery and completely satisfied with product! Highly recommend!
Super rescue disk, fastest shipping, will buy from again.  
Always there with support and help - thanks John for everything
5 min after downloading info, solved ALL computer issues!
Software did everything John said it would. Glad I found you
Good programs, instant download, fast shipping. Great Support from John
Worked wonders, thanks - you saved a computer from a untimely death!!!
Great product fast shipping, it saved my computer - thanks
Great CD Easy To Use Solved Lots Of Problems Thanks
Awesome Product !!! Works Great , Fast and friendly emails!
Great seller, fast emails and quick delivery of product. 
Couldn't ask for a better person to Deal with...

You also get access TODAY
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Now is the time to take control of your computing experience when you find out how to fix computer problems. Save time, save money and rest easy that you have the tools and programs you need to face any computing challenge.

Look one more time at all you get!!!

  • No waiting for snail mail, you get Instant Access Today, to every tool and program listed on this page the moment you order.

  • All utilities are the current version - we update frequently!

  • We use a browser interface that doesn't boot you into Linux, some maze of menus, add a bunch of useless information and programs.

  • All DVD's or USB Flash drives are shipped First Class worldwide (faster) to your home or office with guaranteed delivery.

  • You get our unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

  • You get unlimited email support.

  • You get free upgrades for a year. Buy it once and use it forever!

  • You get the best collection of computer troubleshooting utilities to fix any computer problem, with computer repair tools and now you can do your own computer repairs. Do your own computer hardware repair and fix any hard drive or Windows Repair problems.

The bottom line is That You Certainly Can't Get Personal Computer Help For A Measly $16.95 (Download & Email
Support) anywhere For Less!

It doesn't get any better
than this - Buy Now!

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Thank you for your time. I know you will love this powerful collection of power tools. Remember, you get lifetime upgrades so as our collection grows, your collection grows! And you can have all the computer repair help right at your fingertips!

I look forward to working with you. Please keep in mind that the Internet is sometimes a little slow in sending notification of payment. We respond in a matter of minutes normally but we have to receive the notification before we can email you with the download information ;~). If you have any questions, email me.

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P.S. Regardless of what computer problem brought you to this website there are 2 common problems with any Windows computer. Security against malware and viruses, and an eventual slow down of operation. We have solutions for both that not only solve the problems now, but will for as long as you own your computer.

We have a lot of other cool software that can make your life easier and much more productive. But the security issues and the slowdown of operation alone are worth the cost of our product. Throw in the excellent support and you get the best deal possible.

YES, I want the best collection of
utilities on the Internet today!

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